Thursday, 9 April 2009

Credit Crunch & England

In these 'Credit crunch' times, they talk of saving money and spending holidays in the UK instead of going abroad. In my view spending time here in the UK is and has always been more appealing to me than the pull of foreign lands. I adore Paris and have travelled a little abroad but never found anywhere that I liked better than home.
I love the craggy windswept shore of Northumberland. The beautiful eerieness of the Scottish highlands and loch's and the wonderful bitterness of the rolling heathery moors of Britain. Cornwall is so beautiful and my wonderful Teesdale ( quite near to me ) Is stunning with its fabulous old castles and waterfalls, its hills and valleys. Wales impressed me with its gorgeous forests and its hidden beaches which are magical. Even the cities and villages of the UK are filled with fabulous architecture and beautiful gardens. I adore the quaysides of Liverpool and of Newcastle and the olde worlde charm of Durham with its cathedral and Richmond in yorkshire. Suffolk has the most gorgeous houses and villages and I could go on ...
So I shall be discovering treasures here in the UK for a long time yet, credit crunch or not !

This is a photograph of my hubby walking along the beach in Northumberland one evening a couple of years back


  1. Hi!

    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog!
    Totally agree about Great Britain! ;)

  2. Hi June - What a lovely photo. I enjoyed reading your piece. I have visited the UK three or four times over the years, mainly staying out of the large cities and exploring the countryside. I never ceased to be amazed to find that so many British people go abroad and seldom if ever explore their own country which is so full of amazing and beautiful places.

  3. How peaceful. Beautiful picture.