Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My newest Digitals

I love to play about with digital although i certainly am no expert and there are many things i have still to work out. I think this old brain just has enough to cope with so i am a bit limited within this field but i do enjoy playing and this is my latest play
I have turned them into cards over at Zazzle here
Well i thought ... why not ?


  1. These are beautiful, June! I think your digital work is excellent. The backgrounds are wonderful and the yellow and lilac color on the You are Special card is lovely, along with the beautiful vintage woman on the other card. Congrats on your Zazzle store!

    You are so busy it's hard to keep up with you...LOL

  2. June, these are fabulous!!!! What a super idea to turn these beautiful pieces into cards. I'm particularly fond of the yellow, "You are special!" card.

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous.


  4. June, these are so pretty! I especially love the "special girl" with the purple ribbon in her hat! She just pops with that added color! It's really lovely!